ONE7 is no more

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Attention people that are getting spammed by
emails apparently from ONE7.

In the past few months, someone has been forging
my domain name ( and sending copious
amounts of spam. The spammers forge the From: and
Reply-To: fields of the spam messages. The spam in
question advertises adult web sites and Viagra and
who knows what else. I assure you, and the
administrators of your ISP/domain, that I did not
send you any spam email. Unfortunately email
forgery is simple and commonplace. Forgery of
email header data makes it nearly impossible
for the average email recipient to complain or
report spam effectively, and if you can't
figure out who really sent you the spam,
you can't get them shut down. I don't know
how to make them stop, and all i can ask
is that you delete the spam email. I have
a feeling they might be using my domain
due to the similarities with the indian
telecommunications company ONE97.